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Why is it special?

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Why is this special?

Uber started from a simple consumer pain point: "I'm standing in the raining. I'm in Timesqure and I can't get a cab." The taxi cab companies had all the assets but never saw their business from the customer's point-of-view.

Just as Uber, TIWUR's consumer pain point is simple, "I hate waiting 2, 3 sometimes 4 hours to get new tires." TIWUR sees the tire business from the customer point-of-view.


Enjoy breakfast.

Your new tires are being installed.

Never leave home on bad tires.

They are too valuable.

While at work.

New tires are installed.

Taking a jog.

While we install your tires.

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Any business model has to start with solving customers' pain points and rethinking about how to make that solution economically viable for the company. So, let's start with the customer pain point. Do consumers enjoy going to the tire shop to change their tires? The answer is an unequivocal - NO. It is a necessity that we all have to endure but will be happy to do without if possible

100% Digital Strategy

In order to achieve transformative results, we must go all-in digital. We must not treat digital as separate from the overall strategy. We must lead with a digital-first mentality making sure it touches all aspects of the business. 

Consider this, in the future cars, will be equipped with sensors that automatically alert owners when they need new tires.  This information will be sent to us.  Our app contacts customers with scheduling options.  And they don't even have to pay a premium for this service.

How can we do this? By delivering/installing tires to the customer, we don't have the fixed cost of a tire location.  Note tire shops are often sited in prime locations in the city to make it convenient for customers, but this also leads to very high real estate costs for the shop.

By eliminating this fixed cost, we can charge the same price as existing tire shops, provide added convenience to consumers, and still be profitable.

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TIWUR must always see our business from the consumer's point-of-view. A customer-centric view requires us to follow shifts in customer needs and to develop new capabilities to meet these needs.

Example: By 2006, half of John Deere's emplyoee were engineers. "We're known as a company that provides great tractors and great lawn mowers.  What many don't know is that we have a great focus on innovations in information technology." - Larry Brewer, John Deere's Global Infrastructure Services Manager.  John Deere moved into value added services such as predictive maintenance, analyticvs and crop optimization, it had built significant internal capabilities around data science and analytics.

TIWUR will always see the view point of the customer and how our core competencies can help serve those needs.

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Complementary Service

In today's connected world, our sustainable competitive advantage will come from offering a system of connected, complementary services, and complementary products and from creating a platform with strong network effects that increase consumers' switching cost.

Example: Mobile-phone companies such Nokia were product-based companies until Apple moved to a platform-based model whereby the value of the iPhone increased with the development of new Apps.  The iPhone's product advantage has lessened dramatically over time, yet they remain in the leadership position.  This is largely due to their complimentary services such as iTunes and FaceTime.

Our complementary products and network effects will provide a strong competitive advantage. Our complement is our competitor's core business. They cannot compete. The razor and the blade. Give away the service (razor), charge a premium for tires (blade).

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Data is our oil.

The two most valuable assets of TIWUR are our data and customer base.  We are data-driven and less subjective.  We must grow our database - FAST!  Our database of customers will create a powerful network effect, and provide us the opportunity for introducing even more complementary services.  Amazon has used this strategy very effectively.  It's not hard to imagine how Amazon may leverage its large base of Prime customers to introduce new services.

Data is our oil and for good reason.  We will mine it, replicate it, and use it in multiple applications.  The value of our data will increase as more data is collected - this creates our data network effect.  We will learn and improve because the more data we use, the more data we collect, the more refined our functioning becomes.

This is our data network effect which will create a powerful competitive advantage.

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Why We Built
This Awesome App

Little story of app development

Last year, my new tires procrastination was followed by more procrastination because I knew what was in store for me. An early morning race plan to be the first customer only to be greeted by several other first customers - my plan sucked. All bays were occupied. All service techs were helping, selling, and flirting with other customers. "I highly recommend purchasing our insurance tire replacement." - another up-sale. Don't. Don't. Don't - "That sounds like a good idea!" Damn, she purchased it. Another sucker.

Well within my 3.5-hour wait, I wrote this App.

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Optimization. Performance. Popularity

Any successful software product works to solve a particular problem of end users and helps you achieve your particular business goals. That's the point of mobile development. That's the point of all the trends. It starts with startup canvases—essential artifacts for emerging software products—and comes into bloom with happy users.

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Features, trends and innovations we don't want to miss

New Odessa Times

Simplicity in Design

To quote Steve Jobs, "Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works." This statement isn't likely to change anytime soon. However complex the logic is, the App must be presented in a simple way, with easy-to-use means of navigation.


Compliance Standards

General Data Protection Regulation is a new buzzword in the world of tech trends. This regulation aims to protect the personal data of all European Union residents on a legal level.


Ongoing evolution

All software products require proper evolution management according to business goals of their owners and needs of their users.

Tap-Tap Time

Applied Data Science & Machine Learning

Data Science has already found its way to a number of business spheres. We must build and incorporate a Data Science models into our ERP system (Enterprise Resource Planning) to help make demand predictions and precise targeting to increase sales.


Cross-platform coverage

When it comes to mobile development, there are two essential platforms, and you know their names. It's worth noting that modern cross-platform app development frameworks—including Angular Native, which provides native performance and high level of code sharing—have become cost-saving solutions for the proof of concept stage, enabling early market entry for mobile apps.


Integrate Bigger Ecosystems

Our mobile app will be part of a bigger ecosystem. We must develope products that seamlessly comprise hardware and software. The volume of our data will quickly overwhelms traditional hardware architectures. Our bid data solution - we must leverage inexpensive hardware resources that can be quickly and cost effectively scaled to meet data demands.

"No Worries, No Wait" Tire Plan

Our monthly tire plan is the perfect option to ensure your family's safety is always the top priority.
Choose a plan you need
Save 20%
Compact Cars $12.95 /mo
  • Kia Forte
  • Ford Focus
  • Dodge Dart
  • Hyundai Elantra
  • Kia Soul
  • Honda Civic
  • Chevrolet Cruze

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Sports Cars $20.95 /mo
  • Porsche 911
  • Lexus LC
  • Mercedes-Benz
  • Chevrolet Corvette
  • Audi R8
  • Porsche Boxster
  • Porsche Caymanc

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SUV $32.95 /mo
  • Lincoln Navigator
  • Mercedes-Benz GLS-Class
  • Mercedes-Benz
  • Land Rover Range Rover
  • Toyota Land Cruiser
  • Lexus LX
  • Cadillac Escalade

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