A full-service video production specialist with a focus on digital marketing, branding, rebranding, and content creation.

Ulysses Porter Brown, a 15 year veteran of the industry and former Creative Director for STARZ Entertainment | Lionsgate, takes your brand from a passive presence to active engagement. His creative approach meets at the intersection of technology, design, culture, and brand stories.



Creative Director

Not for broadcast or streaming. Even though CenturyLink Stream is no longer available, it served as a perfect vehicle to visually show my "hands-on" experience and creative approach. 

Ulysses Porter Brown, Writer | Producer | Director | Editor



Production Services

The directive? Give our brand a premium look and feel. From the logo to the packaging. From concept to creative execution.  Launch date: Summer 2019

Ulysses Brown, Developer | Designer



Concept to Execution

My suggestion? Start seeing your business from the customer's point of view. I started from the pain point of the consumer then developed and created this app.  Launch Date: 1st Quarter 2020

Ulysses Brown, Writer | Director 



Digital Marketing

I wrote a script that truly captured the energy of the Ray Lewis brand while promoting one of Starz most popular on-air stunts.

Ulysses Porter Brown, Writer | Producer | Director



Video Production

The 3D logo design. Rich.  Strong.  Bold.  Powerful. Although this show open truly captures the emotions of this series, the richness of the intro 3D logo represents the vision of the production company.

Ulysses Porter Brown, Creative Director

Recent Work

Writer | Producer | Director | Creative Director - Ulysses Brown


Writer | producer | director | editor - Ulysses.

The Story


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    November 2016 - Present

    Agency opens

    With 6k pre/post production gear in place, nearly 2 decades of international marketing experience and a contagious determination, first client is signed. DGaray Magazine. A "content creation" 4-tier, digital marketing campaign to capture the story of the magazine's founder.

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    May 2003 - November 2016


    From producer to creative director, my career at STARZ Entertainment was career rewarding. Launching international movie networks, launching networks series such as Power, movie trailers, network stunts - we did it all. From a local idea to a 4 billion dollars Lionsgate acquisition - STARZ Entertainment helped shape my approach to marketing.

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    January 1992 - May 1999

    WAVE 3, Louisville, KY

    Wave 3 TV, an NBC affiliate, located in Louisville, KY is where I landed my first TV job. News, news, news - until a manager in the creative services viewed a few editing projects. Soon after, I was a member of his creative team. Commercial, promos, clients - I loved it.

    My very first broadcast commercial was Dad's Muffler Shop - a little Louisville muffler shop located in the intercity.




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